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Our services

Design consulting

YOU are the most important foundation of your space's character. 

OUR job is to understand and provide you with the tools to create: creative ideas, material knowledge, techical solutions and unique resources. 

Furniture design

YOUR objects need to be functional. And you don't want to settle for standards. 

Our designs - decorative or operative - are shaped both to your dreams and your routine to make you think - they should have ever been around.    

Full service interior design

YOU do need your piece of mind. 

We guide and support all the way from the first ideas, perform all levels of design planning, bid and track the right professionals, handle ordering and stage for the big day. 

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Agi Lavotha

interior designer

Private Six Ltd. 

Feszty Arpad utca 4. V/16.

1013 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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